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 The Amazing Rules

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PostSubject: The Amazing Rules   The Amazing Rules Icon_minitimeJanuary 4th 2010, 17:34

Very simple and very fair, so PLEASE follow them!

This is a forum for ALL AGES

No illegal/mature material is to be uploaded onto the server or linked to it in any manner

DO NOT create multiple accounts or impersonate another person. If caught, all accounts belonging to the source will be punished. Do not create another account if you were banned; we will know. Just wait out your suspension term.

Please do not make a username that is similar to any moderator, or admin. Also, your username must be a nickname of some sort. Do not make darthman1087 or something along those lines. Say Artemis, or Alan, whatever. You may even use the name of your all-time favourite original character

If a thread has been moved to the graveyard but you wish to revive it, you'll need to pm an admin.

Avatars and signatures: Avatars no bigger than 200px tall by 150px wide, and signatures no bigger than 200px tall by 500px wide. If you need help resizing an image, please message me.

DO NOT post or present someone else's work! Unless the character was inspired by something/someone, GIVE THEM CREDIT!

This is a site for ORIGINAL characters! If I catch you personalizing Inu Yasha or Harry Potter or something, that profile will be deleted without notice or warning. Please pm me if you are confused with this.

You can make whatever template you wish for your characters. Just ensure that you describe what type of rp your character is meant for (ie. wizardry, vampires/werewolves, dragons, elves, etc)

If you wish to show a celebrity as your character's appearance, then that's all fine and dandy, but it there's more to work with if you just don't use any images. You won't get in trouble if you use images. It's up to you.

Also, with using celebrities with your characters, they will ONLY be placed into the celebrity claims if you are going to rp with them on this site.

You may use this site as an archive for any characters you've already made, if you wish, so long as they are all original. Just copy and paste their profile into a new thread here.

Have fun! That's what we're here for, right? If you have to fight with somebody, please keep it in pm's. There will not be a live chat on this forum, so post in the OOC boards if you have questions, or pm.

No god-moding, power-playing, or whatever you want to call it. It's when a role player controls someone else's character. It's unfair, confusing, and pointless. Save yourself the time, and only concentrate on what YOUR character is doing when making your posts!!!

You must post your character descriptions before you start using them. You do not require approval for all of your characters. However, if you wish to rp with any of your characters on this site, you must pm me for approval first.

Failure to follow these rules:
If you do not follow the rules as an FMR member you will suffer an appropriate consequence that is below. The consequences are placed in order.

1- Warning
2- 3 day ban
3- 7 day ban
4- I.P. address suspension
5- If you still persist on not following the rules, you will be permanently banned.
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The Amazing Rules
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