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 The All-Amazing Plot

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PostSubject: The All-Amazing Plot   The All-Amazing Plot Icon_minitimeJanuary 25th 2010, 22:16

There isn't one!!! Hahaha!!!

Basically, here's how it goes:

This is a forum for character ideas. Your mission is to create the best character ever THAT SUITS YOU. There is no theme, but I have the best advice for fantastical characters. If there is a popular demand, I will create biographies for all sorts of races and creatures out there with different definitions and it'll all be nicely organized for you! The more races I know of, the more information you'll find. So, I guess you could call this site a glossary of creatures for all sorts of role plays. Each member will receive their own board where they can post their character ideas.

Your admin,

The All-Amazing Plot Corson
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The All-Amazing Plot
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