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PostSubject: Aragorn's Characters   Aragorn's Characters Icon_minitimeMarch 11th 2010, 16:36

Aragorn's Characters IanSomerhalderHair2
Eye Colour:Blue/Aqua
Height: 2.3 m

Full Name: Only known as Andrew
Alias: Andrew
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 23
Race: Human/Vampire
Sexuality: Straight
Weapon(s) of choice: Swords, blades, pistols
Items carried: A ring, of which the origin is unknown and a necklace of gold. a modern yet medieval looking pistol, two lengthy double edged swords.

Personality: Andrew is the strong silent type. He hardly socialise, hardly speaks. When he enters a room you hardly see him enter, yet you feel his presense and his overall personality forces respect.Although there was a time that he was a very caring person, he hides his gentleness, kindness and better side under a silent expression lacking face. Emotion is a very scarce thing with Andrew, although you dont see it, it is there. In all of this dark brooding state of mind, something about Andrew radiates trust and loyalty. A lone ranger type, never looks for company, prefers his solitude

No one truly knows where Andrew hails from, as he never allows anyone close enough to him in order for them to find out.It is clear that Andrew has been traveling for quite some time, due to his knowledge of a broad variety of locations. Although he seems human, Andrew was turned shortly after his 23rd Birthday, when his family and castle was attacked and brutally slain while he had to watch, the vampire smirking in his neck. Other than that, no information is known, a few people that has seen him travel, or that he has worked for, doing the odd job here and there, stipulates him as one of the best. Andrew never gets to stay long though, due to his vamperic traits, qualities he shows that only a vampire could have, yet he still walks talks and sleeps like a real human. People's cruel tongues has had a very big influence on him, thus he is the worst perfectionist you will meet. Apart from the fact that he does not stay long at a place, people has asked him many a time to leave the area, as priests and other supersticious folk grow edgy around the supernatural young man.
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Aragorn's Characters
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