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PostSubject: Questors characters   Questors characters Icon_minitimeFebruary 7th 2010, 14:02

Questors characters Anubis15

Name:Anubis (Prince of Evil)

Race: Vampire

Age: Looks 30 some but is much older, thousands of years old

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Sex: Male

Hair and style: Brown/shoulder length

Eye color: Brown

Ht/Wt: 6'/180 pounds

Identifying marks. none

General Appearance: Handsome, with a muscular build.

Background: He was born in a small village in the time of Cain. After Cain was marked by god, making him a vampire to live forever and suffer, he began creating others of his kind. Anubis was one he gave the dark gift to. Anubis trained as a warrior and fought for Cain leading the army of Cain to quell rebellions. He had the ability to shift into the form of a wolf. He created the first lycans, as he can change into a wolf and in that form if he bites someone he makes them a lycan instead of a vampire. His Lycans were later mistaken for the Anubis warriors of the God Anubis in Egypt. The Flood destroyed the kingdom and Anubis fled with a number of his lycans and people to the fertial lands of the great river that became known as the Nile. A rebellion aided by a few vampires wishing power, lead to his love's death. Since that time he has had no desire to rule over the humans and dislikes them greatly. Over the centuries he commanded armies and assumed many names. He was fierce and enjoyed killing his enemies and feeding upon them. He is very selective in those he creates, either lycans or vampires. Those he had created in the past had been killed in the many wars or hunted down by those that feared and hated his kind. (Over the centuries those created by other vampires became weakened, they were not able to stand the sun any more and had lost the ability to shape change. They also could no longer feed on normal food and strickly needed the blood of others to survive.) He has aquired great wealth over the centuries, gold, silver, jewlery and works of art that he keeps in vaults in the many mansions he ownes over the world. He is a mover and shaker of sorts. Has his own lose organization of vampires and a few lycans that sees to his intrests about the world.

Weapons: Depends on the Century.

Personality: Fearicly loyal to his friends and woe to those that be his enemy. Hates the humans for what they did to Akasha and relishes in their misery when he hunts them and caused fear among them. He also hates being told what he can and can not do, therefore he does as he wishes. He knows though that to keep doing what he wants he needs to grease the palms of the greedy politicians that run the world. This he has no hesitation in doing. He has placed in power humans that now owe him and those that have secrets they want kept.

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PostSubject: Re: Questors characters   Questors characters Icon_minitimeFebruary 7th 2010, 14:05

Questors characters Pic210Name: Dante
Race: Vampire
Age: Old, looks about 30
Alignment: Neutral evil
Sex: Male
Hair and style: Black
Eye color: Brown

Ht/Wt: 6'/180 pounds
Identifying marks. None
General Appearance: Handsome, with a medium muscular build.
Background: Son of the of a noble, he knew Vincent when Marcus turned him. He became the first one that Vincent turned. He helped contain the wild werewolves created by Marcus' brother and when he was locked away he saw the change in the werewolves. He seen how they came to be able to change at will from human to were form. He saw potentinal for them but Vincent was so adament about their enslavement and mistreatment. He could not stand it after a while and departed without any word for Europe and later to the Americas. Word came to him that the lycans had began to becom numerous once more and there were problems in the homeland. He returns to see what is happening.
Pets: None
Special Abilities: Strength, ability to jump from great heights and land on his feet unharmed. Can jump up great heights as well. Has the ability to move fast as if time stood still. Be standing in front of you one second and behind you in the same moment.
Weapons: Twin 9mm guns
Personality: Intelligent man, has studdied at all of the best universities in the world. Fun loving, and has enjoyed his long life. Has had many lovers and has created a few vampires himself. But he can also be hard and unforgiving to those that cross him or try to mess with him. Goes to great lengths to help other vampires that need help but will let the humans have those that are true monsters.
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Questors characters
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