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The town of Mystic Falls has suffered its share of tragic mysteries in the past. In 2009, the small town in Virginia had began suffering from Animal attacks; and it all began when Stefan Salvatore returned to town. He was not the one behind those attacks however, his brother Damon was. The truth was, they are Vampires. Stefan returned to Mystic Falls after finding Elena Gilbert; a doppleganger for a past love of his, Katherine. Elena however, is completely different to Katherine in every single way. Katherine had manipulated both of the Salvatore Brothers and had been the one to turn them into vampries in the first place.

After Elena had discovered the truth about the brothers; she also discovered that she was a double for the person that the brothers had been involved with in 1864. Not only that, but her world came crashing down after realising that she was in fact adopted, and her birth mother was none other than Isobel Flemming; someone who Damon had turned into a vampire not so long ago.

The town is in chaos after the vampires from 1864 were released from a tomb in which they were kept for an eternity to protect the town. With the vampires running amock in the town, the animal attacks increasing; and not due to Damon either, what will you do to protect yourself?
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Love Bites
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