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 Patronus High School }Keeping you safe since 1920!{

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Patronus High School   }Keeping you safe since 1920!{ Empty
PostSubject: Patronus High School }Keeping you safe since 1920!{   Patronus High School   }Keeping you safe since 1920!{ Icon_minitimeAugust 30th 2010, 18:59

Patronus High School, established 1920 in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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Patronus High School certainly isn't your average school, aside from being a highly prestigious, exclusive, and expensive private school, you'll find that the students here aren't quite so normal either. To even get in you must fall into one of three categories, Were-wolf, Vampire, or humans with superhuman abilities. Even as one of these though, it is a very high honor to be chosen to attend Patronus High.

A lot of people I'm sure are wondering why this High School is so special still, what could be so important about a high school that any family would pick up and move to the middle of Alaska just for their child to attend? Well, when you graduate Patronus you of course will get your diploma, but while there you will train for the highly respected position of a Protector. After you graduate you will move on to become a Protector of the human species. Defending them against the Sect wolves, a group of wolves who eat humans, and also against the vampires who live off of their blood.

The world has many threats and dangers that humans don't know about, it will be your job as a protector to keep them safe and oblivious to the monsters who lurk in the dark. Patronus is the only school in the world that focuses on this training and assures you a place as a Protector.

It's the start of a new year at Patronus High School and it's already promising to be interesting year. With an influx of new students, life is sure to get interesting.

Patronus High School   }Keeping you safe since 1920!{ Siggie
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Patronus High School }Keeping you safe since 1920!{
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