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 13th of January, 3110

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PostSubject: 13th of January, 3110   13th of January, 3110 Icon_minitimeAugust 28th 2010, 01:53

This was originally an idea to have that backwards date but on halloween night.

31/10, 0113
10/31, 1301

So it wouldn't work.

So, I figured, a futuristic winter-time type thing would be more fitting. It might even still have that scary halloween touch. The day before my brother's birthday can get pretty scary anyway! haha

and with the year being 3110, there could be riots of all sorts happening in 3109, humans thinking the end of peace on earth was officially here. So... here's the plot I'm thinking of...

3110, the year for all Hallows to reveal themselves. or, for all evils to take over. It's generally thought to belong to witches and vampires, so worldwide wiccans are casting their favourite spells and testing out their true abilities on the humans.

By this time, you'd think global warming would have taken over. However, after the calendar ended, the world was ready for an ice age. The continents have shifted, and there was more water than ever before. The north pole was closer to the south pole, vice versa. Port Hope was the historic land now. Those born after the calendar became very interested in Port Hope, and going there to learn all about how ugly the world was beforehand.

So, kind of a messed up interpretation of a millenium after the movie 2012. Awesome movie btw. but, it's something I've been thinking about, and I will be elaborating on it.

View this in action here: http://z7.invisionfree.com/3110/index.php?act=idx

13th of January, 3110 Corson
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13th of January, 3110
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