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 Cheng Zhi

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Cheng Zhi Chengzhi2

Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 pounds

Full Name: Cheng Zhi
Alias: Sloth Demon
Gender: Male
Age: late 40's
Race: Human (apparently)
Sexuality: asexual

Weapon(s) of choice: An S&W revolver. Model unknown. .44 caliber. Uses a 2x scope.

Personality: Cold. Hard. Cynical. He's a business man, through and through. Buy his wares, or leave him alone. He's extremely one-dimensional in this aspect.

History/Background: Zhi is Russel Wyzzir's arms dealer. Based in China, he has a surprisingly easy time getting his merchandise around government regulations and searches. Very little is known about him; those who cheat him out of money have the odd tendency to disappear, only to be found by the police a few days later, horribly mutilated. Russ started doing business with him after he escaped from The Agency, and is always sure to pay him in a timely manner. He does business with other clients, as well, and will sell to almost any faction.

There is more to him than meets the eye. You have been warned.

Cheng Zhi Corson
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Cheng Zhi
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