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 Because the Night

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Because the Night Empty
PostSubject: Because the Night   Because the Night Icon_minitimeAugust 5th 2010, 18:09

Because the Night Bloodlustsmall
Blood, the source of life for animals and humans alike, it courses through
our bodies and awakens every cell. Without it we become hollow shells,
unable to move or think; we are gone.

Born of bone and flesh, Vampires, Shifters, and unnaturally gifted Humans
walk among us, hiding their identity and posing as ordinary, though in
one way or another, they all lust for the same thing… blood.

Fractured by their pasts and haunted by the lives they are cursed to lead,
these beings fight for control and power, killing for safety and survival.

None can live without blood, and each must find ways to procure it,
whether it be by humane methods, or the dark of the slaughter. Even the
human descendants, blessed and cursed with mental gifts, cannot avoid
the lure of blood for long.

There has never been peace, there could never be a lasting truce, but up
until now, they have kept a wary accord. Up until now. Now, some are
taken. Now, some are killed. Now, some cannot help themselves as they
begin breaking the secrets generations have strived so dearly to keep

Now, may be almost over, the is taking hold.
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Because the Night
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