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 Masked Among Mortals

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PostSubject: Masked Among Mortals   Masked Among Mortals Icon_minitimeAugust 5th 2010, 18:08

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The shifting of tectonic plates caused that earthquake in South China, right?
It was a terrible tragedy that the French president died of a heart attack aged fifty-four, right?
The volcano in Iceland was caused by a build up of magma and explosive gases, right?
The war in Iraq is all about politics, right?

Well that’s what scientists and politicians want us to believe, because a convincing lie is often better than admitting they don’t really know what’s going on.

In what we now know as the year 87AD, the races of Ancient Gods clashed and a battle beyond all imagination took place. But who is to lose when the participants are immortal and cannot die, cannot be defeated?

When the battle was finally exhausted the leaders of the Immortals came together, but no one really knew who had won. There was only one certain fact. All but one of their homes had been destroyed and they had to find a new place to live, but even Mount Olympus, the one remaining house of the Gods was a crumbling wreck and not suitable for the vast number of now homeless deities.

They were sent to Earth to live among the mortals.

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Masked Among Mortals
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