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PostSubject: Tressa's characters   Tressa's characters Icon_minitimeJuly 30th 2010, 22:02

Tressa's characters 600full-lily-cole

Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 5'4

Full Name: Amorette la Rose-Noire
Alias: Amora
Gender: Female
Age: She appears to be 19 or 20, but she is pretty aged.
Race: Vampire
Sexuality: bi, though leaning more towards the straight side.
Alignment: Nuetral evil

Weapon(s) of choice: What her teeth and nails can not do she uses a stletto blade.
Items carried: Stiletto blade, nail file, four expensive rings, each one adorning her thumb and middle finger on either hand and a black choker tied about her neck.

Personality: Amorette is sly and daring, whilst also being very confident. She uses her beauty not only to lure in her next meal, but also to acheive her wants and desires. Seduction is her game and she rarely loses. She is quick tempered and can go from the pretty speaker of honey coated words, to pissed off and violent in a matter of seconds. Her sense of humor is a bit cruel, but it's all in good fun. She likes to push her luck, seeing how far she can go before she crosses the line, and She sees no problem in being the center of attention and socializes often.

History/Background: Amorette was born in England during the rule of Henry III. She was just an ordinary peasant girl living the mundane life of poverty. It was near her seventeenth birthday that she was due to be married off to a blacksmith's son. Amorette was devestated and pleaded with her parents to dismiss the wedding. Her parent though denied her pleas, seeing only the rise in status for their family. She didn't dare tell her family of her lover and how she wished to be with him. They would shun her away, no longer being pure she would be unfit to marry and a blemish upon them. On the night before her wedding she fled to her lovers arms and told him of her woe. She hadn't known he was a vampire, but as they lay beneath the night sky enveloped in each other he kissed away her tears with a promise of immortality and freedom. Confused by his words Amorette was unprepared for the sudden pain in her neck as he gave her his gift, or curse if you would.

As he promised she no longer had to marry the blacksmith's son, and they fled together in the night. She spent a long time by his side, him teaching her, training her to survive. Comforting her during the unsurities of craving blood and learning new abilities. It was sometime during the seperation of england and the American settlers that he was taken from her. Slain by the hands of a hunter. Amorette was devestated, mourning her lover and dealing with the reality of being alone in the world. She took what he had taught her and learned to find comfort in the arms of humanity while surviving at the same time. Travelling the world she learned many things and has become over all well rounded in the ways of several centuries.
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Tressa's characters
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