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 Our Shifting Hearts (Modern Shape Shifting RP)

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PostSubject: Our Shifting Hearts (Modern Shape Shifting RP)   July 30th 2010, 08:01

Our Shifting Hearts

In the center of the Bermuda triangle, deep under the ocean lies a portal to another world almost like our own.. But the people there, are different. They have the ability to morph into animals.

Upon discovering this world, our governments have protected them.. and shared our technology with them. Now, they're just like us.. with lives, family, love.. and religion. They believe in a true force out there protecting them and there is no doubt in their minds about their beliefs.

The animals they can change into are determined by their personality. Someone with a temper might be a bear, someone gentle might be a bird. The outsiders are trying to understand just how these people can change forms.. But they still, refuse to believe in magic. In a god.

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PostSubject: Link   July 30th 2010, 08:03

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Our Shifting Hearts (Modern Shape Shifting RP)
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