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PostSubject: GRIMM   GRIMM Icon_minitimeJuly 24th 2010, 17:11

GRIMM 2vnnndx


"What is that?" The girl pointed, to what could only be described as a rip in the air. It looked as if someone
had taken a knife to the air and hacked away until they had a decent sized hole. She wasn't too terribly sure
of what she was seeing, but the man appeared to be looking at the same thing. So....maybe she wasn't going crazy.

The man cocked his head to the side, and let a rather mischievous grin spread across his face. "That's the portal." He
said, his voice slippery. The girl gave him a confused look. The portal? The portal to what, exactly? She blinked, and
took a step closer. She was on the edge of the subway platform, leaning precariously over the edge. It took her less
than a second to realize what danger she was in. She made a move to step back.

But before she could get back onto safe ground, the man took one step forward and pushed her. She was sent
tumbling over the subway platform, and with a rush of sweet-smelling air, the girl was sucked into the
portal. She hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. She bounced once, and then lay deadly still on the ground.
The man leaned over her, knowing full well she wasn't dead. Some people just took the shock of the journey
worse than others. He waited somewhat patiently, and after a full five minutes had passed, the man tugged
her up. He had had enough of waiting.

She blinked, and looked around horrified. "What. Where am I? What have you done? Am I dead?!" She was hysterical,
as most of them were. The man shook his head, and with a slight grin, waved a hand towards the woods behind him.

"Welcome to Grimm."

Grimm is an alternate universe to our own. Here magic lives and breathes. The citizens are made up of things we've
heard of in fairy tales and horror movies. And they are ruled over by the fairy tale characters of old. Cinderella and
her prince (now King) rule Grimm. They have instructed their citizens to jump through the portal and steal humans
to help populate Grimm. Of course, what hasn't been said is, that if you jump the portal, you become like the person
who has brought you. There are no plain humans in Grimm. You belong to a group, a group that will take you in and
treat you like their own child. Are you ready to give up your human life...and become something greater?

Welcome to Grimm.
Be like us.

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