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PostSubject: Sleepless   Sleepless Icon_minitimeJuly 2nd 2010, 11:55

In a small Pennsylvania town just over the New York border, life has been going on much as it has for the last several decades. People wake up in the morning and go to work. Families are raised, friendships are made or broken. The old men still gather at the Wellsboro Diner every morning, just as they have since 1938, and the kids still hang outside of Peggy's Candies, counting their change. County business is conducted at the Tioga County Courthouse in the Gaslight District. Tourists still come to see the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and shop in the stores that line Main Street.

Not a lot changes in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania.

Our story picks up in June 2010. Residents of the town go about their daily lives, interacting with one another and with the tourists who come to poke around this little whistle-stop. The biggest excitement to be had is the upcoming Laurel Festival or the latest movie to roll into the Arcadia Theater.

Something odd is surfacing, however. The Sailors & Soldiers Memorial Hospital has been reporting an increase in patients claiming to have lycanthropy. The patients are admitted to the psychiatric ward for observation for several days and treated with a regimen of neuroleptic medications before being released to their physician's care.

Very few people know about these cases. Certain members of the medical staff and a few from the police department, mainly. There's no reason for the general public to know about the inner workings of the hospital's psych ward, after all, but a few have their suspicions. The forest rangers and police force report that bear attacks are on the rise -- but these assaults only occur at night during a full moon. An unusual number of newcomers have moved to town but they are generally a secretive lot, and the long-time residents have begun to wonder what these new people find so interesting about their little town.

For the most part, however, life in Wellsboro chugs down the tracks like a Tioga Railroad engine, oblivious to the oncoming crisis that threatens to change it all forever.

*.* ~ *.* ~ *.* ~ *.*

Sleepless is:
• A small town RP with a mix of humans and werewolves
• Set in present time
• Rated R/Mature
• Open to plotting, both board-wide and for your character
• Looking for original characters for any number of jobs -- doctors, forest rangers, store clerks, etc.

Sleepless features:
• A friendly crew with a welcoming OOC community
• An easy application process
• A self-hosted SMF-based forum with no TOS limitations
• Town-wide events in which everyone can get involved
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