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 Had to Get Away

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PostSubject: Had to Get Away   Had to Get Away Icon_minitimeJuly 2nd 2010, 01:52

It was the night before the full moon, and her senses and instincts were rolling high. The city was too dangerous for her right now. She absolutely hated the taste of blood, and she was still feeling nautious just at the thought of having to drink more. It didn't help that she did not want to be killing people in order to survive. At the same time though, she didn't want to have to deal with a bunch of vampire fledglings. More got killed by mere stupidity than survived throughout the years. However, the smart ones were passing down their intelligence, and the probabilities were rising slowly.

She was very different from other vampires, though. People seemed to love the fact that she was so sensitive to silver. She was tormented as a child. Her brothers and cousins used silver to torment her, so she grew attuned to the sense and 'feel' of silver. Her senses were so acute to silver now, that she felt a burning sensation on her skin when someone with a silver bracelet was nearby. Nearby being about twenty feet away. So, tonight being a celebration night for the nation, there were too many people that thought silver was fit for the occasion. She had managed to escape to the river, isolating herself so that she wouldn't want to go on a killing spree. That would look pretty bad on her part, as well as making a bad reputation for the local vampires. Considering her twin brother was one of those, she tended to avoid dangerous and/or 'bad' situations.

Riley was born a hybrid. Vampire father, wolf mother. She was the outcast in the wolf family, and her father never stuck around to help raise her. She was hiding in the forest near the river, hugging her knees as she leaned up against one of the many trees. All she wanted was for this night to be over. However, it had only just begun. Soon enough, she caught an odd scent nearby, and her senses flared, as if excited that there was somebody nearby now. If it meant meat was nearby, her wolf instincts would push her to feed. She started digging her nails into her legs, hoping the pain would ease her temptation to give chase.

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Had to Get Away
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